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VACATION's 3rd full-length album, released via Don Giovanni Records 2015
Vinyl and digital formats can be purchased at

"Cincinnati, Ohio’s Vacation formed in 2010 as a trio, quickly putting out a slew of tapes, singles, and LPs on various DIY labels, while spreading their infectious pop-inspired punk through shows around their native Midwest and tours throughout the rest of the country. As a pillar of the ever-fertile Cincinnati music scene they also share, or have shared, members with bands including Tweens, Black Planet, and Pretty Pretty.
Over the last two years the band had some lineup changes and expanded into a four-piece, with singer/co-songwriter Jerri Queen stepping out from behind the drum kit to play guitar. The band is rounded out by original member Evan Wolff on bass, Dylan McCartney on drums, and John Hoffman on second guitar. As a quartet, their live sound has gotten larger, their shows more intense, and their recordings more nuanced and eclectic.
Their new LP Non-Person features a diverse approach to the band’s signature noise-laden melodies, sing-along choruses, and punked-out pop riffs. The album is as indebted to the Ramones as it is to Jesus and Mary Chain, as melodic as ‘70s power pop and as fierce as ‘80s hardcore.
From the opening frenetic burst of “Heat” to the distortion heavy “Yin Yang Smile,” and from the new wave vibe of “The Effort” to the fuzzed out “What I Found,” the record maintains cohesion without ever dragging. Auxiliary organ, percussion, and acoustic guitars fill in any gaps that haven’t already been taken up by the guitar feedback that has become integral to the band’s sound. The lyrics touch upon themes such as self-decay (“Like Snow”), apathy (“All I think About (Myself)”), and escape (“I Wish I Could Be Someone Else”).
With the new record on its way, Vacation will be heading out on tour with Don Giovanni Records label mates, Screaming Females, taking them from New Orleans to Portland, San Francisco to Vancouver, and just about everywhere else in between. The over-a-month long tour starts July 27th in Cleveland and ends on August 29th in Philadelphia. Not to be missed!" -Zachary Gajewski


released 24 July 2015

VACATION is Evan Wolff, Jerri Queen, Dylan McCartney and John Hoffman

Recorded by John Hoffman. Mixed by John Hoffman and Jerri Queen. Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering 2015

All songs by VACATION
All words by Jerri Queen
copyright 2015



all rights reserved


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VACATION Cincinnati, Ohio


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Track Name: Heat
identity hides in my teeth
there are parts of me that i've never seen
the familiar air makes my nose bleed
round and round and round again,
always spilling out again

down on concrete i am the heat
rising up from the street

i sit and greet her with no sleep
she comes on soft like the morning
he licks me good by high-noon
he cuts me down and then he's through

return to whatever you were
i thought i knew but i forgot

down on concrete i am the heat
rising up from the street
Track Name: The Effort
sand off your fingerprints
go and start a cult
build a following
try and kill the pain
that lives behind your eyes
behind the sunglasses at night
and in the morning sun
deny everything
blame your memory
complain aggressively
about the hole that's in your heart
and fill it up with glue

win back her heart
or at least just her chest
by carving her name into your flesh
but leave one letter out
the effort's all that counts

sell your plasma for a job
a new suit to the interview
blame your being late on the bum that was on the bus
who stole your brown-bag lunch
when really you're just scared to commit

but this time's not the same
no, you have really changed
you're turning things around
so write your SSN down
but leave one number out
the effort's all that counts
Track Name: Decaying
i've been hiding it for weeks
quickly losing all my teeth
and now my hair is falling out
it's all i can think about
i saw my entire life
as a flash before my eyes
it was startling yet bleak
a rat in my periphery

don't worry baby
i'm just decaying
and soon i'll be something new
Track Name: Yin-Yang Smile
i'm in a cage somewhere in outer space
but i don't mind it, i kind of like it
from such a height
they say "that ain't no kind of life"
but i don't mind it, i kind of like it
with my yin-yang smile
oh you're so senile

and i know this world ain't for me

somebody put me down just the other day
while i was thinking about how i should say the same
"you're such a coward" or
"you're such a fake" or
"i'm such a pushover" or
"i'm such a flake"
my water sign, how your flood's run dry now

and i know this world ain't for me

when i look around i don't feel anything
all i feel is how they all look at me
they all stare at me until i want to be
something not like them

and i know this world ain't for me
Track Name: 4341
knick-knacks in my drawer:
a beatnick troubadour
a guilty 2x4
some sex toys and some cigarette ashes
and in the other room:
the hands behind the loom
weaving out your doom
sitting in your chair
breathing all your air

i've been up at night
painting white things white
just trying to be polite

descent will surely come
when all of this is done:
like paper, we'll be flung from the window of a skyscraper building
and on our way back down:
spinning round and round,
recording every sound,
i'll lock eyes with you and frown:
but not for me, it's all for you
and all the things that you do
locked inside the womb
that never let you out

i've been up at night
painting white things white
just trying to be polite
Track Name: Every Direction
i'm being pulled in every direction
hovering the ground in suspension
when my body gives in,
please take my limbs
just pry them loose,
put them to use

make something holy
become a god
jerk off then cum
stare at the sun
teach them aggression
teach them the truth
teach them to put them to better use

take them for your own
take me far from here
like a lost jet plane,
i disappear
Track Name: All I Think About (Myself)
i can't get horny anymore
but i don't care
when i see something that i want
i just stare

the feeling right above my knees
is what i miss
saliva spilling from my teeth
it drips like this

and all i think about is myself

i just wanted something good for my memory
my mouth,
my nose,
my ears,
my eyes:
my luxuries

and all i think about is myself
Track Name: Butcher's Grin
beneath the butcher's grin
i feel whole again
parting with the necessary limbs
Track Name: Like Snow
i'm always waiting for the day
when like snow, i melt away

line them up, all of my faces neatly
it's everyone i've ever been
which do you think fit me best?
who's comfortable in their own skin?

wipe away all of my histories
cause nothing new catches my eye
look away or watch me decompose
yes, i've become the setting sun

i'm always waiting for the day
when like snow, i melt away

i dream about distant memories
back when my blood was gasoline
i scream and shout all these obscenities
because i can't produce a flame

and it keeps me waiting for the day
when like snow, i melt away
but then you usher in the night
when you turn me to ice
Track Name: Real Gore
feed off the rash
of every voluntary scratch
i am a scar
i am a wound that never heals

suffer me this way
at such a slow-steady pace
underneath my nails,
i smell disease and old entrails

i break the skin
all that i want resides within
infection moves
and irritation follows suit

suffer me this way
at such a slow-steady pace
underneath my nails,
i smell disease and old entrails
Track Name: What I Found
woke up behind the wheel this morning
she wasn't sitting by my side
i came to, blurry and inconsistent
i made my way up to the door

what would i find?

silence fell all over me
clothes were scattered on the floor
blood trails leading up the stair case
follow the yellow-brick road

what would i find?

maybe she was scared?
maybe she wanted a look inside?
maybe she was intrigued by what she'd find?

what did she find?
Track Name: Strange Fascinations
i know it's followed me here
i know we're covered in tears
strange fascinations, my dear
you never change

i know it's haunting me
all wretch, no vomit
maybe i never change

the way we move, we never change
the things we say, we never change

these days we're both aware
of the morbid attractions we share
and our cycles of despair,
we never change

the way we move, we never change
the things we say, we never change
it is not safe for you around here
no, nothing is pleasant my dear
Track Name: One Of A Kind
are you one of a kind
are you naked and high
are you sober and shy
do you still cart around that piece of shit you call a body all the time

are you mesmerized by the fact that you can no longer cry

do you still have a brain,
and if you do
does it still think about the past

do you open up your sink at night
fishing out all the people that you've washed down the drain
and is it proof that we were there
if it's clogged with human hair
and if it makes your gag-reflexes flair

do you still take comfort in
the view from within a port-o-let
and all the sounds from all around
you're safe now from the crowds
you can just sit and think

you must be sick